Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are designed to provide flexibility and scalability, enabling you to select the one that best suits your business size and objectives. As your company expands, we have a tier to accommodate every stage of your business growth.

Procurement Tier

Ideal for firms seeking to streamline and automate order tracking while maintaining their existing project management system.

14 Day Free Trial


/ month

+$15 for each additional seat per month

Product Details & Specifications
Purchase Order Management
Vendor Payments and Invoices
Product Status
Lead Time Management
Automatic Tracking with FedEx, UPS & USPS
Sharable Project Schedules
Team Collaboration
Project Dashboard
Product Clipper
Pinterest Integration
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Professional Tier

This tier offers access to features that cover the entire procurement cycle, including client communications, estimates, invoices, payments, and project financials.

14 Day Free Trial


/ month

+$15 for each additional seat per month

Everything in the Procurement Plan +
Client Estimates
Client Invoices
Integrated Client Payments
Project Financials
Project Profitability
Quickbooks Integration
Gmail Integration
Client & Vendor Communication management
Inbox Organization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! You can seamlessly integrate Alcove with your existing systems. The procurement subscription tier is the ideal plan to facilitate this integration. Alcove empowers you to leverage automation for tracking, vendor management, and order management, all without the need for a complete migration from your current system.

Typically, most systems only handle purchase order generation, leaving designers to manually track order statuses using spreadsheets. With Alcove, you can bridge this gap and streamline the procurement and backend of the purchasing cycle more efficiently. We encourage you to make use of Alcove's existing project import tools to effortlessly transfer data from major project management systems, eliminating the hassle of duplicate data entry and simplifying product specification management.

When you're ready to fully transition and consolidate the entire design project management cycle within a single application, consider upgrading to the Professional Subscription Tier. This tier provides access to a wide range of features including client estimates, integrated client payments, the QuickBooks integration, and more. This upgrade will empower you to streamline your operations and enjoy a comprehensive design project management experience all in one place.

Absolutely, you can import existing projects into Alcove to save you the time and effort of entering product specifications twice. Alcove offers several methods for importing your data: ‍

1. Design Management Tools Import: If you're using design management tools like Ivy, Houzz Pro, Design Files, My Doma, or Gather, you can download a project tracker from these platforms and import all the project specifications into Alcove. ‍

2. Spreadsheet Import: If you have project data in spreadsheets, Alcove allows you to import these spreadsheets. You can also use mapping tools to match your spreadsheet columns with Alcove's data fields, ensuring a seamless transition of information. ‍

3. Pinterest Import: If you've been using Pinterest boards to organize product specifications, you can import your boards directly into Alcove. Alcove will automatically create all the products in your project, populating important data fields such as product name, URL, image, and any additional available information from the link.

These import options make it convenient to bring your existing project data into Alcove, simplifying the transition and saving you time and effort.

Yes, we offer a free trial for all of our subscription plans. During the 14 day trial period, you'll have full access to all the features and functionalities of Alcove, allowing you to explore and evaluate its capabilities. It's a great way to test our application and determine if it meets your needs before committing fully to a subscription.
Yes! You have the flexibility to add or remove team members as needed. Whether you want to invite new members, adjust the number of seats, or remove individuals from your subscription, you have full control over team management.

Discover the power of Alcove's expansive integration ecosystem, designed to supercharge your productivity. With a diverse range of integrations, Alcove offers a seamless blend of functionality and convenience.

Experience the Gmail integration, enabling you to effortlessly manage emails and organize them by projects and product-related conversations, all within the app.

Maximize efficiency with our Pinterest integration, allowing you to import product specifications in bulk using their intuitive pinning tool.

Simplify your accounting processes with our QuickBooks integration, effortlessly pushing estimates and invoices for precise recording and streamlined accounting.

Stay in control of your orders with Alcove's integration with major carriers such as FedEx, UPS & USPS, enabling you to effortlessly track your shipments within the application.

Our integration ecosystem is ever-expanding, constantly evolving to meet your business needs. If you have specific integration requirements that will boost your productivity, reach out to us at and let us know. Elevate your workflow with Alcove's comprehensive integration offerings today.

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