Project Communication

Experience unparalleled organization as emails and shared files come together in one centralized hub. Seamlessly group conversations by project and product and share customized views with stakeholders.
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Harness the power of Alcove’s unified communication tools.

Gmail Integration

Never lose a conversation.

Seamlessly integrate your Gmail account to bring together emails and shared files in one location. Alcove automatically groups conversations by project, synchronizes Gmail labels, and files shared documents within each project, eliminating the hassle of rummaging through a cluttered inbox for crucial attachments.

in-app updates

Make updates without switching tabs.

Effortlessly update product information, tracking details, and more directly from your email without the need to switch between applications. With Alcove’s integrated email functionality, you can conveniently make updates to your recording system right from within Alcove. Compose new emails, reply, attach files, and perform all the actions you would typically do in your Gmail application, all seamlessly within the Alcove platform.

one-click exports

Customize and share relevant information.

Keep projects on track and communicate the right information to the right people. Customize a live portal, PDF, or spreadsheet for clients, receivers, or other stakeholders. Clean and professional views make communication simple and accurate.

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live client portal

Interact with clients in one shared portal.

Share a live client portal to collect approvals, comment on products, and track the budget for each room and each project. Give your client a live view of order and shipping updates, eliminating questions and confusion across the lifetime of the project.

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